Concilium Technologies Calibration Laboratory has been driven by the desire to provide a calibration service that meets the requirements of our suppliers, and ensures that our customers can have the same confidence in their equipment as when purchased.

This ingrained ideology has ensured that our Calibration Lab has been Accredited since 1980, and now features the most comprehensive commercial RF Laboratory in the country.

Our Calibration Lab has SANAS Accreditation for DC low frequency , Time and frequency and Radio Frequency fully meeting the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.

Concilium Technologies is also an ISO9001 certified company. The Calibration Systems that are in use at Concilium have been designed by HP/Agilent/Keysight and VIAVI(JDSU) to ensure that the quality of work is consistent and to highest possible standards.

Our Test Equipment Calibration List not only covers all HP/Agilent/Keysight and VIAVI(JDSU) equipment, but also includes a vast majority of Multi-vendor Equipment.

In order to meet our customers expectations, Concilium offers a wide variety of options.

Calibration Type:

SANAS Calibration:This is a full result certificate with a SANAS logo. A SANAS
Certificate insures that your calibration is internationally accepted.
Traceable Calibration:This is a single page certificate without a SANAS logo, but
traceable via our Calibration Laboratory to the National Standards
at the CSIR.
SANAS upgrade:Upgrade a Traceable Calibration to a full SANAS calibration, by
only paying in the difference between the two



View accreditation schedules

DC Low Frequency 108-01

Time & Frequency Metrology 108-05

Radio Frequency Metrology 108-07

Did you know we also carry out repairs?

Service/Payment Options:

ADHOC SANAS:A full SANAS calibration with payment made per instrument upon collection
ADHOC Traceable:A traceable calibration with payment made per instrument upon collection
Contract SANAS:A 12 month contract for SANAS calibration covering a group of instruments with specified serial numbers. There is a fixed monthly, quarterly, bi-annual billing over the 12 month period.
Contract Traceable:A 12 month contract for Traceable calibration covering a group of instruments with specified serial numbers. There is a fixed monthly, quarterly, bi-annual billing over the 12 month period.

Advantages of a Contract:

There is a 10% saving on any type of Calibration when a contract is taken.

  1. Concilium delivers to you once calibration has been done.(restricted to SA)
  2. Reduces paperwork- A single purchase order can cover all your instruments for calibration.
  3. Contract customers are kept abreast of any changes to their instruments status in advance to allow for better asset management.

Turn Around Time:

Concilium strives to ensure that every job that is received is attended to within 3 working days. We do however recognize that our customers may be working within strict time constraints, with this in mind Concilium runs a Scheduling Sheet that allows customers to schedule their calibration in advance. Once scheduled, all you need to do is ensure that the instrument reaches us on the morning it is due for calibration, and it will be attended to immediately. It is advised that you schedule well in advance to avoid disappointment. The following priority applies to work received:

  1. Scheduled Work
  2. Contract Work
  3. Trade Work

Summary of our labs capability:

Rotational speed (remove)

DC Voltage 1kV

DC Current 1uA to 100A

Capacitance various ranges from 1pF to 100uF @ 50Hz to 1MHz

RF Attenuation 0dB to 120dB DC to 50GHz

Impedance (remove)

RF Voltage (remove)

FM 100kHz to 50GHz


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