Bridge Technologies Integrate SCTE 104 and SCTE 35 Visual Log Recording Feature


Bridge Technologies announced the addition of a continuous log record feature that will grant broadcasters the ability to not only monitor and control SCTE 104 and 35 events through alarming, but also visually document and review the integration of downstream ad insertion on the VB330.

TVtech 2023
Bridgetechnologies VB330

This feature upgrade expands the commercial monitoring ability of the VB330.

Recording of up to 200 channels in parallel will be facilitated on the VB330 Appliance probe, triggered either by events, or on a ring buffer basis with user-customisable loop duration. Trigger-based recording is prompted by reference to the comprehensive set of SCTE 104/35 error alarms already present within the VB330 (of which there are over 100, drawn from TR 290 standards). The recording feature uses a pre-fill buffer to ensure that the actual fault itself is recorded (for instance, audio loss or freeze-frame, or in relation to complex PSI/SI structure faults) and in this way allows engineers to build up a living cache of records centered around the trigger points themselves. These can then be used for validation, inspection, fault-finding and fault evidence.

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