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Automatically convert program audio into Real-Time Live Captions!

Are you responsible for co-ordinating live captioning in your station, operations center or Hub? Then you know it can be frustrating and expensive.

Commercial,  Government, Public Access, Religious, Educational and Corporate broadcasters all have different needs, scheduling requirements and budgets.

VoCaption uses Automated Speech Recognition to deliver reliable, accurate, live captions and real-time cost-savings for broadcasters.

News, breaking news, public meetings and other live shows should be captioned, not only for the hearing impaired but also for viewers who need captions for other reasons.

  • Because of a noisy room
  • A quiet environment like a library, doctor’s office or similar locale
  • To improve understanding
  • When the local language is not their primary language

Public venues like airports and restaurants rarely make the audio available so captions provide context.

Next Generation Technology – ASR

Speech-to-text technology or Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) has improved dramatically over the last few years and delivers accuracy comparable to a live human captioner.

You can now leverage this technology and reap significant savings and benefits using VoCaption as your primary or back-up captioning solution.

ASR Speech to text

Key Features:

  • Automatic conversion of audio to text in real time.
  • Custom vocabulary tools to improve accuracy.
  • Alternate word list / profanity filter.
  • Available 24/7 for emergencies or breaking news.
  • No scheduling issues.
  • No need to pay for a full hour if only a few minutes are needed.

How it works

  • VoCaption uses Automated Speech Recognition, to convert the spoken word from program audio into the text you see on the screen
  • Accuracy is enhanced thanks to VoCaption’s Supplemental Dictionary and Alternative Words List. These tools are used to fully localize a system by preloading names, geographical references, or other details appropriate to your region.
  • The Alternate Words List also enables VoCaption to check for profanity and provide suitable substitutes where appropriate.
  • Format options include EIA 608/708, teletext/OP47, DVB bitmap or teletext subtitles, SCTE-27 and open (burnt-in) subtitles working in conjunction with a suitable caption encoder.
  • Output options are “saved to file” as an SRT or EBU-TT file for rebroadcast or archiving purposes. These can be used to harvest metadata to improve search within a media library and for social media and SEO improvements.
  • These files can be edited as needed and corrections made to ensure perfect captions for repeat broadcasts.

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