5 Media Technology Predictions for 2023

Steve Reynolds

Steve Reynolds

President Imagine Communications

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The media scene as we enter 2023 is looking very exciting. There is a significant change dynamic underway, which features two critical factors in alignment: consumer demand and technology enablers.

Here are my top 5 predictions for 2023, along with insight on the modern tech enablers that will help media companies successfully navigate the year’s challenges and opportunities.

1) Demand for emerging models like FAST will continue — the best tech enabler is cloud​

We saw several new entrants providing online linear channels. We called it FAST (free, ad-supported streaming television). It offers the prospect of niche channels that people love to dip into with an ad-supported model — so no subscriptions or fees.

2) Unified origination will replace costly, inefficient workflow silos

Unified origination means that content companies can control costs while maintaining the quality of their output. To Efficiently respond to commercial opportunities as they arise, you need to be able to switch resources and interconnect workflows.

3) Combining the best of linear and digital advertising will deliver major payoffs

A transformation that will gather pace in 2023 builds on the unified origination concept and brings all the advertising together in one place. One sell to the advertiser, one campaign, one definition of audience views — but realization across all platforms.

4) Continuing supply chain issues will make the case for cloud even stronger

In many cases, it makes good business sense to put as much processing in the cloud as possible, because you can agree the right SLA for broadcast services, get access to the capabilities to run those services, and connect directly to both advertisers and consumers through the cloud. Operations in the cloud, for the cloud, and to the cloud.

5) Open and easy-to-use models for integration will be key to a thriving future

To maximize efficiencies, we need to make it as simple as possible to integrate media-specific workflows with business systems, such as ad decisioning and playlist automation. This is why Imagine has made a significant investment in developing all the APIs that customers and partners will need to integrate into these other systems.

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